Apeksha Team

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Lalindra & Manique Nanayakkara

Creations Director and Lawyer – what a contrast. They were the live wire behind Apeksha. Countless hours, sweat and toil though not blood. Imagine keeping 200 of all ages cool. Manique was the mind behind the choreography


Havindra & Nayomi Gunawardene

IT manager. When you hear Havi you will think you are hearing Pavarotti. Havi’s first audio CD will soon be out and his wife Nayomi will be at the keyboards. You will meet them at the event. Havi is troupe leader. Havi is an Old Thomian and Nayomi a MC-ite


Nimesh & Samanthika Fernando

Banker and Accountant managed the finances for the event and documentation. Nimesh is the original Porthos. Great friend to have when you cannot eat the last Pizza


Dr. Jehan & Dr. Hiranthini De Silva

Both medicos and singers. Gentle Prince Jehan, an Old Thomian takes the bass & Hiranthini, MC-ite sings “My Gratitude”. Hiranthini’s research interest was Aspirin!


Damesh & Ashana

Damesh is Aramis of 3 MMM. Reliable tech watch. Ashana produced Apeksha their first daughter on Aug 23 rd when Apeksha musical was first staged. Though they tried hard, could not get another for Apeksha 2.


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Sean & Ayesha Fernando

Married just the other day, Sean has moved form IT programming to software marketing. Born dramatist – see him playing centurion in the Carol Drama. Ayesha’s great gift is her smile. She is doing an English degree at Colombo University


Dr Priyal & Shalini Dias

Shalini, an Accountant is the sheet anchor running Apeksha office ably loved by Priyal her medico husband who is doctor on call if any of the troupe faint!!


Seshan & Sabrina Gunetilleke

Tall & Lanky Seshan is an IT programmer. He and Sabrina make a wonderful singing duo while Seshan is an accomplished guitarist. He takes the deep bass making people cry with his empathic presentation. Hear Sabrina singing to all working women in the Apeksha DVD

Dilrukshi Fernando

Unusual Voice that moves heavens to tears. No mother will leave for the middle – east if you hear the song “Amme” A classic eulogising womanhood.


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