Day 28



Quest for knowledge in the short term loans compare last four decades may have almost buried the zest for truth. Once knowledge was synonymous with truth. Not any more. When people tried to justify moral relativism on the basis of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, he stood completely opposed to it. Yet they did it. Similarly Quantum Theory as propounded by Max Planck, a scientist who firmly held to Christina premises of truth, was mutilated to mean anything by others.

Listen to this O Portals of Men – We are the knowledge generation that made our shrines & paid our homage to knowledge. Knowledge stands indicted in the Courts of Moral Accountability. O Knowledge you have provided in every field for man to enter evil beyond good. You have empowered man with knowledge of evil beyond good that in every field the expert exploits the unsuspecting, hapless, helpless populace. Knowledge is power. For whom?. For the Oligarchy of the minority who rule ruthlessly in the Stock Market, Pharmaceuticals, Global Trade or Flesh Trade. Boundaries are blurred. Only profit is king?  Our progeny has rejected knowledge – merchant cash advance forum music, consumerism, fashion and the more injurious have taken over their life. In USA Prostaglandins are made available over the counter for girl of any age. In Sri Lanka abortion rates equal the West. Knowledge has no power to stop its evil manipulation. And when man gets play with the Human Genome – we shudder X, Y & Z men??? Who will save us from the evil potential of Knowledge?


I asked why I feel so strongly that people should know God. We deteriorate since birth when God meant us to carry, hold & reflect His glory. Glory is God’s highest, noblest, utmost, best for us. We know intuitively there is more and can try to fill that vacuum with honour, fame, approval or fail to do so and fill ourselves with shame, disappointment & anguish. Glory is the altruistic Best God designed into us. Fall short is how we feel in climbing the greasy pole. Glory is noblesse oblige – I am so designed.

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